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So, Kakashi and I came up with yet another skit we could possibly do. It was right after our meeting and everyone was on their way home that we plotted for this.

Naruto Bishie Dance Off.

Contestants: Naruto, Kakashi, Sasuke, Rock Lee, Neji, and Gaara. (We can add more as we go along).

Judges: So far, Jiraiya is the only for sure judge. Typically, there should be three judges, so if you can think of any, post them! And by the way, the judges are all "have to" be perverts. You'll see why later.

Each character is lined up, all of them ready to bust a move to win some random prize. Again, open to suggestions for this as well.

In no specific order...I thought Rock Lee dancing to something like Lord of the Dance would be very "appropriate" and just downright hilarious. For Gaara, the first ten seconds of his turn, he could maintain his character for awhile by just standing there with his usual murderous look. Gradually he starts to get the hang of it, like tapping his finger to the beat or/and bobbing his head.

Hopefully, we could find songs to match the ones dancing to them, so any suggestions would be great.

Skipping ahead, I thought it'd be fitting to have Naruto dance last. If your familiar with the series, Naruto sometimes wins his battles in...odd ways. During the judging, Naruto uses his "Sexy no Jutsu" technique to sway the judges.

It wouldn't be that hard to change. I've cosplayed as Naruto before, so here's an example of what we could do. Just roll in a fog sort of concealment to give time to take off the wig and such.

And so explains the judge's being perverts. XD

Very open for suggestions, though, as we just came up with it...I'm trying hard to look into possible songs. But, again, we are a wee bit short for particapants in the skit, so hopefully we can recruit more help. ^^; Especially if there are only five of us able to travel to other conventions out of state to perform...that might be tricky.

So? Suggestions, comments, rants, spam...?
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