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LMAO kk I'm going to try and write this skit about t3h Narutard Vampires... XD
This is just a rough draft and we can change charries etc. (it doesn't matter to me) I'm just trying to post t3h main idea. I'm sure this skit will go through MANY drafts before it is finished!
But let's try it anyway... XD

::readies his fingers::

"Interview with a Naru-tard"

We open with a scene of a reporter, sitting in a chair apparently waiting for someone as they glance at their watch etc... We hear a loud knock...


Reporter: Enter...

Roxas: ::enters looking all angsty:: ::sits in a chair seated across from the reporter::

Reporter: You were supposed to be here an hour ago...

Roxas: Sorry, I got pulled over. My Gummi-Ship had an expired license...

Reproter: ::rolls eyes:: ANYWAY, ::pulls out pen and notepad:: I'm all set for the interview. So tell me your "tragic" story.

Roxas: Why? You're not going to take me seriously. Nobody believes me. ::folds arms:: ::looks really angsty::

Reporter: Listen kid, my boss is making me do this. Just get on with it so we can go home already!

Roxas: ::sighs:: Ok, I guess it all started when my friends decided to go to (Current Convention)...

The scene darkens on the Reporter and Roxas on the right half of the stage. On the left half of the stage, four figures are illuminated... Roxas and the Reporter clear the chairs away as everyone is distracted by the four characters. Then Roxas runs around the back of the stage so he can join in on his cue.

Riku, Sora, Leon and Cid walk onto the stage. They are the four who are illuminated etc...

Leon: Alright, who's idea was it to come to an anime convention? ::is angsty::

Riku: I think it was Sora's... ::is also angsty::

Sora: Me?! 

Riku: Yes you! 

Sora: Couldn't be!

Riku: Then who?!

Cid: I stole the cookies from the cookie jar! ::smiles::

Leon: Nobody stole cookies. There ARE no cookies...

Riku: Speaking of NOBODY where's Roxas?

Roxas: ::runs onstage:: Right here, sorry guys. 

Leon: Where were you?

Roxas: Some fanboy tried to steal my keyblades...

Sora: Figures...

As this conversation goes on, we see random Narutards entering and exiting on and offstage pretending to be in a hallway at a con (talking, showing eachother things etc.)

Riku: ::looks around:: There seem to be a lot of people wearing headbands...

Cid: I wonder what anime that's from?

Female Narutard (Hinata?) : O..M..G.. It's Cid! ::runs up and glomps Cid::

Cid: Hey what's... ::is glomped:: ::gets a dazed look in his eyes:: 

Female Narutard (Hinata?): ::Looks at him slyly:: Thanks for the glomp "Cid"... ::runs off::

Leon: Cid are you ok?

Cid: ::still looks dazed:: I think... I need to go lie down... ::walks off stage::

Riku: What's wrong with him? 

Male Nartuard (Gaara?): RIKU!!! ::runs up and glomps Riku::

Riku: Hey! You can't just... ::glomped:: ::looks dazed::

Male Narutard (Gaara?): ::runs away quickly::

Riku: I'm not feeling too good... let's go back to the Gummi Ship...::walks off stage::

Leon: Oh great, now they're sick... ::sighs:: this will be a trip to remember...

::All 3 walk offstage::

New scene: Sora and Roxas are doing something (checkers or a video game I dunno) when Leon walks in the room...

Sora: ::looks up:: How's Riku and Cid?

Leon: I don't know. They've both locked themselves in their rooms and won't come out. 

Sora: I can imagine Riku doing that cuz he's so angsty, but Cid?

Leon: I know it's strange...

Roxas: I hope they're better soon. Cid needs to drive the ship...

Sora: Yeah...

Leon: ::looks at Sora:: I thought you could drive the ship?

Sora: Well....Donald kinda took over. I never ACTUALLY got to drive it...

Roxas: Crashed one too many times eh?

Sora: Shut up Roxas... 

Roxas: ::laughs::

Cid: ::from offstage:: THE POWER OF YOOOOOOOUTH!!!

Sora, Roxas, and Leon all look at eachother like WTF?

Leon: ::yells:: Hey Cid, are you alright?

Cid: Who is this Cid you speak of? ::runs onstage:: ::is transformed into Gai!!!::

Sora: OMG what happened to your eyebrows?! 

Roxas: Green spandex? Leg warmers? Are you excercising to my "Jazzercise to the 80's" tape again?! ::looks angsty::

Leon: OMG he's....he's.... a Narutard! 

Cid/Gai: Behold the power of youth!!! ::attempts to glomp Leon::

Leon: Nuh-uh! ::backs up:: Whatever you do, don't let him glomp you! It's the way they make you one of them! 

Roxas, Sora, and Leon dance around the stage for a few seconds as Cid/Gai attempts to glomp them until...

Roxas: ::points keyblade at Cid/Gai:: Gravira! 

Cid/Gai: ::is held to the ground:: My youth!!!

Sora: OMG Riku! ::runs off to the left of the stage:: 

Leon: Sora no! 

Rikakashi enters on stage left, carrying Riku's keyblade...

Sora: Riku!!! What's happened to you?

Rikakashi: Nothing at all. I just felt the need to read. ::pulls out the book::

Sora: You read PORN BOOKS?! Well, at least that hasn't changed...

Rikakashi: Sora, open your heart! Surrender yourself to the Naru-tardness!!! ::glomps Sora::

Roxas: Sora!!! Nooooo!!! ::puts down his keyblade in horror::

Cid/Gai: ::notices he isn't bound anymore::

Leon: ::oblivious to this watching Riku and Sora::

Sora: ::faints:: 

Rikakashi takes Sora offstage...

Cid/Gai: Kakashi! You've glomped one of them! Now to even the score! ::stands up and glomps Leon from behind:: 

Leon: What the...::faints::

Cid/Gai: I'll be back for you, unless Kakashi gets you first! Muah-ha! ::takes Leon offstage right::

Roxas: Maybe if I return them home they'll transform back to normal...

::scene goes dark::
::resume Reporter/Roxas scene::

Reporter: ::looks more interested than last time:: So how did you get back here?

Roxas: I flew the Gummi-Ship amazingly. I don't know how...

Reporter: So I'm assuming, since you're here alive and well, they all changed back to normal right?

Roxas: ::sly smile:: Wrong...

Reporter: O_o;

Roxas: Actually while I was driving all four of them glomped me at the same time...

Reporter: You don't...look any different...

Roxas: ::rips off Organization XIII coat revealing a Naruto orange jumpsuit:: ::starts to tie on headband:: How 'bout now... 

Kakashi, Gai, Kankuro, and Jiriaiya enter from both sides of the stage... 

Reporter: Wh-Why would you want me? I'm just a r-reporter...

Roxas: ::about to pounce:: ::stops:: ::thinks:: True. You're not even worth it... believe it! C'mon guys let's go get some ramen...

The five walk offstage..

Reporter: Good thing they don't know who I really am! ::pulls off Reporter suit:: Cloud of Shinra!!! 

All five enter from offstage and say "Cloud?!" at the same time... 

Cloud: No guys! Wait!

All five mega-glomp Cloud! 

Cloud: Argh!!! Believe it!!!


LoL I know it still needz a lot of work. This is just  a general idea. Tell me what you guys think! XD


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