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Just a little update guys, we DO have a stage for THIS SATURDAY's rehearsal.  But only from 2pm to 6pm.  It is about 1/2 a block from my house.  we'll just meet at my place at the usual time and head over i think.  For those that come late, it is just off of main street and frontage road, there's an LDS church with an annex building.  We're using the gym/stage in the church building.  But that does mean we have to keep things clean >.o  So... remember while we're there, no cursing, running around(unless it is part of the performance), or being a nuisance in general cuz... I think we'd like to KEEP a free STAGE to rehearse on, yeah? ^^;;;  Next time I can probably get the larger annex building where the rules are a bit looser, but until then, let's be good kiddies, yeah?  Eeee!  A real stage, I'm so excited! ^^
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