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Okay, uhm . . . I am so sorry for posting this. It doesn't have to do with anything concerning the skits. I'm so sorry. T_T

But . . . I really need to get rides for the meetings nowadays. At first, it was going to be Temari who was giving me rides and stuff, but her parents talked with Hachi's parents and they decided that they weren't allowed to hang out with the rest of you. Luckily, my mom doesn't feel the same way. But now my problem is getting a ride.
My little brother has to come with me, too, because my mom feels safer when he's with me. *sighs* I'm sorry to be a bother to everyone. I wish I was older, so I could be able to drive or do more.
Gomen nasai. Most of you know my e-mail address . . . if you don't, contact me on my cellphone. If you'd like the number, please e-mail me.

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