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Cosplay Skit - "95% Rant" - Death Note

Ok, I'm trying to come up with a cosplay skit for AO, and this is one that I came up with. I'm not really happy with the ending, so if you have suggestions, please let me know them. Thanks!:)

"95% Rant"

Light: [enters] I’m disturbed. What the HELL is wrong with all of you? You as in the Fangirls or fan… boys… oO [shudders].

Light: [show picture of L] Honestly, what is so attractive about this guy? He looks like he just got out of bed, CONSTANTLY, he never wears shoes, and when he does, he doesn’t even wear socks. His posture is so horrible, just looking at him makes my back hurt. His stomach is a black hole, and the way he eats is suggestive. And lastly --

L: [enter] Yagami-Kun.

Light: [hides picture of L] Yes, what’s up, Ryuuzaki?

L: Hm, nothing. Just looking for some… [look at audience – serious tone] … cake …

Light: [disturbed] Cake?

L: Yes. There’s a 5% chance that there is some here. And that means I have to check out all of the possibilities of cake placement.

Light: [look at watch] Oh. I’ll help you. Let me go find my stalker and to see if her eyes can help… ^.^

L: That’s a good idea, Yagami-kun, thank you. While you are gone, I shall contemplate.

Light: Yeah, yeah... [to self] Yes! This is the perfect oppurtunity to get his REAL name... [exits]

L: [stares into nothing for a moment, then faces the audience] … I’m disturbed. What the bloody HELL is wrong with all of you? You as in the fangirls or fan… boys…

L: Honestly, what is so appealing about that guy? I’m sure he takes at least ten hours getting ready in the morning, 77% of that time is spent on his hair alone. The other 23% is spent on picking out clothing that makes him look like an Abercrombie and Fitch model, and less Kira-like. And to top it all off, he doesn’t really like sweets. There is seriously something wrong with that. And lastly –

L: [pause] Yagami-kun has been gone for quite some time… Maybe he’s not coming back? [look at audience] Perhaps I shall start the investigation on my own. That Dealer’s Room looks suspicious… Who knows what is hiding under the tables. [exit]


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